Interwest – A Brief History

Interwest Restaurants was born in 1989 when CEO, Neil Kerr, purchased a Wendy’s in Vancouver, BC. Seven years later, Wendy’s bought Tim Hortons and Neil expanded within the 2 brands, opening 3 Tim Hortons and several more Wendy’s restaurants within the Lower Mainland. After this expansion, it became clear that an operating partner was necessary.

In 2002, Amanda Kerr started Tiny Tim Restaurants, therein becoming a business partner with Neil on a 4th combo location in Coquitlam, followed by a 5th location in New Westminster.

Amanda went on to open 4 more Tim Hortons in the Tri Cities, operating under Interwest and Tiny Tim Restaurants.

Between these 2 avid business partners, they own 9 Tim Hortons locations. In 2016, Neil sold his 10 Wendy’s locations, focusing on the iconic Canadian coffee chain. While Neil is still involved from a business standpoint, Amanda is the operating partner of all 9 restaurants – luckily, she has a strong team beside her.

In 1997, Wendy MacLeod was hired as a team member. Through hard work and commitment to the company, Wendy climbed the ladder to become a District Manager.

11 years later, Troy Hogan, coming from a background in hotel management, was hired as a restaurant manager at Tim Hortons. He also progressed to become a District Manager, and works closely with Amanda and Wendy on the operation front.

Interwest/Tiny Tim currently employs approximately 350 Lower Mainlanders, from entry level positions to Senior Management. Whether you’re looking for your first job or a career, we have positions available at every level and many opportunities for growth, development, and promotion. We’re a team that works hard and plays hard. And we celebrate our successes every day. We’d love to meet you and explore the possibility of you joining our wonderful team!!